Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sun and Snow

Some parts of SL is sunny and warm and some parts still have snow on the ground.   What's a gal to wear when you are faced with such a weather dilemma?  Glad I have my comfy hoodie to keep me warm and my short denim to keep me cool.  Grabbed some books to bring with me to sit in a coffee house later on.   Always good to have a sturdy backpack to put everything I need in my travels.

Backpack = Modd.G 2010XmasGift  0L
Hoodie =  =[Pom.Ppn]= Oh My 25L
Short Denim = Part of Urban Girl 03  30L
Mouth Chain = ::LEO-NT:: Wooden Rosary Group Gift (60L to join)
Hair = ETD Chel in Dirty
Boots = *Dilly Dolls* Sonata Scrunched Boots 75L

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