Saturday, January 15, 2011

OOTD - My favorite!

I think we all have our own favorite disigners we follow whole heartedly and just bite our nails awaiting their next creation.  That for me is Leezu.  I have been following their creations since I started playing SL.  What blows me away is their creativeness and unique style unlike anything I have ever seen!  When I was a wee little newby avatar, with barely little linden to survive, I would stroll to the bargain section and feel giddy to own anything of theirs.  I was a poor new avatar, but felt like a glamorous fashionista thanks to Leezu!  Who am I wearing today?  I am proud to say, Leezu.

  Jacket = LeeZu "Venus" in Black
Skirt = LeeZu "Berlin Flexi Skirt"  For The Dressing Room
Boots = Stilleto Moody - Gladiator Boots
Skin = ESSENCE "Lullaby" in Peach (Got today's special for 10L)

Location = The Hangout, DIMI ISLAND
Thank you to my new friends Bodo Bauer, Christine Ernshaw and Jinx Lemondrop who let me use their Sim to create these wonderful photos :)

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