Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Classifieds

Today I took what I called the "freebie tour of the classifieds".  I wanted to see what kind of freebies I can get by just using the classifieds section under the Destination Guide.  Have you ever done that?  It's quite adventurous actually!  I started at the very top and worked my way down and visited about 10 shops.  I only toured the skins and clothing area and boy did I score on some wonderful freebie items!!!  Here are my faves! :)

Pic #1 LaPointe & Bastchild Designs "Gothique Opera"
This is under their latest free gift.  There is a huge area of other freebie items.  If you have visited their freebie area before, they do have some new items, including the item here of course. :)
Pic#2 Filthy - January Group Gift (199L Grp Fee)  
Ok, not so free since you have to pay to join their group, but I thought it was a great deal since you get free skins monthly!  The January group gift contained 6 skins.  2 dark, 2 tan and 2 light color skin.

Pic #3 Morea Style - January Free Gift
A delightful White with black trim babydoll style dress that is to die for!
Shoes are from N-core and is a Free Group Gift

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