Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kastle Rock HUNT

Here are my faves from the Kastle Rock Hunt I went to this morning.  It is definitely worth the trip.  Enjoy!


Hair = [E] - Horizon Blonde 07 Essential Pack 
Skin = Cupcakes - Genius III - Copper - Bare
Shape =  .:Twily:. Designer Shape Purity

Kastle Rock Fashion Show

I spent this my afternoon at Kastle Rock for the Hunt, 30 items to be had and they are all pretty easy to find.  The best part is their Fashion show at 2 PM.  Here are my fave peices from Formal Wear to Casual and Street Wear.  All in all, it was a great collection and very flattering on.  After the fashion show Spooky Rock left a gift for a limited time only of her new creation not yet being sold.  Glad I was able to grab one before time ran out!  I will make another post of items from the hunt! 


Dress = Kastle Rock Couture - Romantica Gown (Not Yet on Sale) FREE Gift
Hair = Exile - Artemis in Mink
Necklace = Donna Flora -  Lulu FREE Gift

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Worlds End Garden - Group Gift

~*La Nuit Du Chasseur*~

Just lovely!  I love feeling transformed in this way... feeling like I have lived another life perhaps.  I love how the long train just flows wonderfully as I walk.  Come and get this beautiful gift!

Dress and Hat = Worlds End Garden FREE GroupGift
Skin = :Becilia: FREE GroupGift
Hair = SyDs Hair Greenishfish EUPHORIA Hunt FREE
Shoes = LeeZu Klara

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

OOTD - When in Europe

I have always wanted to travel Europe and if I was walking around Venice Italy or Spain, I can see myself wearing something like this.  With the coffee of course!  This gal can't go anywhere without her latte!  Unfortunately! >.<

Top = Pavement Princess - Free Gift
Scarf = Milk Motion - My Vintage Scarf - Euphoria Hunt 0L
Belt = Urban Girl Look 07 (part of outfit) 20L
Jeans - Dilly Dolls Brain Cancer Jeans
Bag = *Mono Dot*  Shoulder Bag Free
Skin = Chic Inc. - Colette 10L (Sale)
Shoes = !!KKBB!! Wrapped Heels 1L (SL Marketplace)
Hair = Damselfy - Ryo - Sand Dollar Blend

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sun and Snow

Some parts of SL is sunny and warm and some parts still have snow on the ground.   What's a gal to wear when you are faced with such a weather dilemma?  Glad I have my comfy hoodie to keep me warm and my short denim to keep me cool.  Grabbed some books to bring with me to sit in a coffee house later on.   Always good to have a sturdy backpack to put everything I need in my travels.

Backpack = Modd.G 2010XmasGift  0L
Hoodie =  =[Pom.Ppn]= Oh My 25L
Short Denim = Part of Urban Girl 03  30L
Mouth Chain = ::LEO-NT:: Wooden Rosary Group Gift (60L to join)
Hair = ETD Chel in Dirty
Boots = *Dilly Dolls* Sonata Scrunched Boots 75L

Grand Opening - Kastle Rock

The Grand Opening Fashion Show at Kastle Rock is coming soon!  Glad I popped in to this adorable store today from the 60L Group.  This is what I got today off of that deal!  I can't wait to see the show!  IF you see me there, say hola! :D

Dress = Kastle Rock - Garden Party - Enchanted - Pink 60L

Hair = Damselfly - Mishay
Shoes = Stiletto Moody - Mary Jane Sandal

OOTD - Steal Of A Deal!

The ever changing style/trend can make a fashion girl in SL break the bank! Everyday, swarms of note cards of new updated arrive at your door and you don't know which stores to hit first. I sometimes break up peaces of an outfit and totally create my own look.  This wonderful white plain top is part of an outfit from Urban Girl.  I paired it with a traditional denim and accessories that are a steal of a deal!

Top = Urban Girl 07 Outfit - 10L (sale)
Belt =  Nha! Free Gift - 0L
Jeans = MYTH Trepid Jeans 30L (closing out sale)
Jewelry = Imagen Mara Earrings and Necklace Set - 10L (sale)
Shoes = N-Core Prelude Free Gift - 0L
Skin = ESSENCE Free Group Gift - 0L
Parted Lips = [:Tuli:]  Free - 0L
Eyes = Imagen Ojos Octubre - 10L (sale)
Shape = :Becilia: JiLLop Shape

Hair = Detour Beloved
Bag = YS & YS Soho Bag

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Power Black Dress

There the "little" black dress and then there is the "power" black dress.  Here are two completely different looks for the woman who means business!!!  Great attire for work and then transition to a dinner function or out on the town with your colleague or a potential client.  It speaks "I'm serious, yet I am fun".

Dress: Tee*fy =  Space Suit
Shoes = AFantasy Shoes - Dominatrix Desire

Dress = Tee*fy - Paito Dress Noir 70L (If purchased at The Dressing Room BLUE)
Earrings = GLOW - Pure Sparrow Earrings 50L (Dressing Room BLUE)
Hair = !Lamb - Unbirthday Redux in Powder 30L

Shape = Twily Designer Shape Purity
Skin = Cupcakes - Genius III - Copper - Bare

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

OOTD - Restless

"Restless" is the word of the day for me.  I cannot sit still and my mind is running 100 miles an hour. Having two latte's today didn't help either, I am sure! >.<  Have you ever felt like that?  Well, my mind may be wandering, but I certainly did not want to look like I had a lot on my mind today.  To camouflage my feelings a bit, I decided to wear something simple,comfortable and to feel that any room I would go into, I would feel at ease.

Top = LeeZu - Loui Pullover
Hair = Mikan Komorebi
Shorts w/ Belt= Urban Girl
Shoes = ETD Calf Boots 

Sunday, January 16, 2011


 Curious Kitties = Winter Cutie Outfit FREE 0L

Curious Kitties = Curious Dress FREE 0L 
 Curious Kitties =Paper Doll Dress FREE 0L

Curious Kitties = Gothic Lolita Dress FREE 0L

These tantalizing freebies from Curious Kitties are sure to grab your curiosity and hone in to your light and dark side.  Even if this is not your seen, your look or whatever you call it, try it on!  As I go from one ourfit to another today, I keep on going back to the "Winter Cutie outfit"! Just lovely!  Reminds me of My Catholic School Girl days. Meow! :)


Skin = Cupcakes - Seduction in Alabaster
Hair = Magika - Silky II in Black and White Pack


House Of Joi Design's Grand Opening is today!  I had a wonderful experince there today, greeted by the designer, there was live music and best of all, their new design at 60% Off!!! I added myself in the group and received some beautiful dresses as well.  Here are my faves. :)
 Amethist = Group Gift 0L

Nora Blue Glitz = 10L

 Cheryl = 80L (60% Off Vendor)
 Red Brocade = Comes with Boa, not shown here  Group Gift 0L
Masquerade = Jan 2011 Group Gift 0L

Necklace = N@N@ Solei Blink 0L
Skin = ESSENCE - India 06 in Peach 10L yesterday
Shape = Twilyhula - Purity


And we're off!!! I log on this morning to some of the sweetest, tempting, delicous deals that I just can't resist!  I will be posting the pics as I go along. I stopped by the Urban Girl Main Store where I was delighted to find that they are having a 90% Off Sale!!!  Woah!!! I just couldn't believe my eyes!  These are my Faves. Enjoy!

 Skin and Shape = Urban GirSunamai Tone 1 2 and 3 5L Each! What a deal! Each pack comes with Skin, Shape, Eyes, Blush and Face tattoo.  There are several different makeup color, this was just my fave :)

From left to right:
Urban Girl = Look 6  25L with Shoes = Heels in White10L
Urban Girl = Look 7 25L with Shoes = Heels in Black 10L
Urban Girl = Look 11 25L with Shoes = Paris in Black 10L
Urban Girl = Look 27 25L with Shoes = Paris in Black 10L
Urban Girl = Urban Girl 02 10L with Shoes = Paris in Black 10L
Urban Girl = Urban Girl 03 10L with Shoes = Heels in Red 10L
Urban Girl = Urban Girl 26 comes with shoes!10L

Skin and Shape = UNIQUE - Tiffany
Hair = Exile - Artemis - Dark Brown Pack

Saturday, January 15, 2011

OOTD - My favorite!

I think we all have our own favorite disigners we follow whole heartedly and just bite our nails awaiting their next creation.  That for me is Leezu.  I have been following their creations since I started playing SL.  What blows me away is their creativeness and unique style unlike anything I have ever seen!  When I was a wee little newby avatar, with barely little linden to survive, I would stroll to the bargain section and feel giddy to own anything of theirs.  I was a poor new avatar, but felt like a glamorous fashionista thanks to Leezu!  Who am I wearing today?  I am proud to say, Leezu.

  Jacket = LeeZu "Venus" in Black
Skirt = LeeZu "Berlin Flexi Skirt"  For The Dressing Room
Boots = Stilleto Moody - Gladiator Boots
Skin = ESSENCE "Lullaby" in Peach (Got today's special for 10L)

Location = The Hangout, DIMI ISLAND
Thank you to my new friends Bodo Bauer, Christine Ernshaw and Jinx Lemondrop who let me use their Sim to create these wonderful photos :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Dressing Room

Have you visited the dressing room?  If not, you are missing out on a lot of wonderful items from some of the most renowned designers in SL.  The best thing is, everything is 70L or under!  I have visited several times already and it is always filled with some of the most stylish SL avatars I have ever seen!  All I kept saying to myself is, who is she wearing? :D Chat it up! it's a great place to hang out, shop and meet new friends.

Here are some looks I have created with my favorite pieces.  Some of the items were from a few days ago and no longer offered in the Dressing Room, however, you can still go to the designers main shop and see all of their other fabulous creations! 

Happy Friday!

 Outfit = LeeZu - Claire Flexible Dress 59L
Bag = YS & YS - Soho 50L
Skin = ::::IrEn:::: Willow 70L

Shoes by ETD now Elikatira Peep Slingback Linen        Hair by :::LiNe::: Cleom (Not part of  The Dressing Room items)

 Outfit = Fishy Strawberry - Traveller Outfit 65L
Skin = Glam Affair - Castalia Skin 70L

Hair = ETD now Elikatira - Roxie    Eyes = Body Boutique - Liquid Eyes      Boots = Daisoness Designs -  Amy Girl    (Not part of The Dressing Room items)

 Shorts = {SMS} - Leather Shorts (Pack came in Red and Blue) 50L
Jacket = RICIELLI - Misseilling
Top = RICIELLI - "Shiny" Bra

Hair by Curio - Rabid     Shoes by Stilleto Moody - Gladiator Boots (Not part of The Dressing Room Items)

(This one I got a few days ago and is no longer in the dressing room)
Dress = A&A Fashion Empire Dress Silver
Skin = [:Tuli:] Claire - Fair

Necklace = Donna Flora - LULU        Hair = TRUTH - Lanie  (Not Part of The Dressing Room)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

OOTD - Over Easy

I call this look "Over Easy".  I just wanted to wear something simple yet with a flare of romance and edgyness at the same time.  And if you didn't guess, that's how I like my eggs done! lol  I  just wanted to put on something fast and get and get goin on some SL shopping.  To finish my attire, I just needed a small bag to bring my credit card, lipgloss and phone.  That's all this girl really needs when shopping! :) I love this [BUKKA] leather bag just for that reason.  I managed to pick this up for FREE as a group gift a few days ago.  

My first stop was at Exile to pickup this wonderful hair that I see everyone wearing.  I just LOVE it!  It looks just as good on as it is on print, which is hard to do in SL, but Excile managed to do it with this style Artemis.  While I was at it, I checked out their HUGE wall of Clearance hair on sale for 50L each.  I tried the DEMO's,  as I always do  before buying, and managed to like Caterina.  Great on print but just slightly too stiff for SL.  I like hair with movement!

 HAIR = Exile - Artemis 250L
TOP = LeeZu- Valerie Blouse 230L
HOT PANTS = Zelma 170L
SOCK = :::LiNe::: Single Sock
SHOES = Tesla - Athena
WRISTBAND = ETD Leather Ring Wristband
SKIN = Merlin - Tiffany
SHAPE = New Adrina Models Collection
EYES = KOSH #86 6L

HAIR = Exile - Caterina 50L

The Classifieds

Today I took what I called the "freebie tour of the classifieds".  I wanted to see what kind of freebies I can get by just using the classifieds section under the Destination Guide.  Have you ever done that?  It's quite adventurous actually!  I started at the very top and worked my way down and visited about 10 shops.  I only toured the skins and clothing area and boy did I score on some wonderful freebie items!!!  Here are my faves! :)

Pic #1 LaPointe & Bastchild Designs "Gothique Opera"
This is under their latest free gift.  There is a huge area of other freebie items.  If you have visited their freebie area before, they do have some new items, including the item here of course. :)
Pic#2 Filthy - January Group Gift (199L Grp Fee)  
Ok, not so free since you have to pay to join their group, but I thought it was a great deal since you get free skins monthly!  The January group gift contained 6 skins.  2 dark, 2 tan and 2 light color skin.

Pic #3 Morea Style - January Free Gift
A delightful White with black trim babydoll style dress that is to die for!
Shoes are from N-core and is a Free Group Gift

Sunday, January 9, 2011

*The HUNT*

Who doesn't LOVE a hunt?!  It's a great way to try out a designers creation and new styles!  The best part of course is it's FREE!!!! :D 

So here's the story.... I checked out fabfree site today to check out the new freebies as I always do before I log on to SL.  I saw a link for free Skins and it teleported me to the store.  Another link for a free jacket which I got instantly as a LUCKY CHAIR item!  There was a black Tunic I kept on seeing everyone wear today.  I checked fabfree again and I finally saw a Flikr pic of it from spiderweb secondlife.  I was delighted to find out it was a hunt item, which means I don't have to spend a single linden for it! So I stopped by the SOMAPOP HUNT.  I picked up a lot of great items 20 out of, i believe, 27 items.  Here are my faves!

 Tunic = Very Lil Somapop Hunt #25
Jeans = Very Lil Somapop Hunt # 20
Skin = Very Lil Somapop Hunt #27
Hair = >Truth< - Jess - FREE GIFT

 Outfit = [DIAPOP] All By Myself in - Vintage Brown 1L
Boots = Courtisane  Marie Lu - Brown 0L
Skin = Very Lil Somapop Hunt #27
Shape = :Twilyhula:  Designer Shape "Purity" 300L

Hair = >Truth<  Lanie - Espresso 250L
Dress = Very Lil Somapop Hunt #4
Skin = Essence - Morena 08 10L (1 hr Special last night)