Tuesday, January 11, 2011

OOTD - Over Easy

I call this look "Over Easy".  I just wanted to wear something simple yet with a flare of romance and edgyness at the same time.  And if you didn't guess, that's how I like my eggs done! lol  I  just wanted to put on something fast and get and get goin on some SL shopping.  To finish my attire, I just needed a small bag to bring my credit card, lipgloss and phone.  That's all this girl really needs when shopping! :) I love this [BUKKA] leather bag just for that reason.  I managed to pick this up for FREE as a group gift a few days ago.  

My first stop was at Exile to pickup this wonderful hair that I see everyone wearing.  I just LOVE it!  It looks just as good on as it is on print, which is hard to do in SL, but Excile managed to do it with this style Artemis.  While I was at it, I checked out their HUGE wall of Clearance hair on sale for 50L each.  I tried the DEMO's,  as I always do  before buying, and managed to like Caterina.  Great on print but just slightly too stiff for SL.  I like hair with movement!

 HAIR = Exile - Artemis 250L
TOP = LeeZu- Valerie Blouse 230L
HOT PANTS = Zelma 170L
SOCK = :::LiNe::: Single Sock
SHOES = Tesla - Athena
WRISTBAND = ETD Leather Ring Wristband
SKIN = Merlin - Tiffany
SHAPE = New Adrina Models Collection
EYES = KOSH #86 6L

HAIR = Exile - Caterina 50L

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