Monday, February 28, 2011

Look Alive!

Sometimes you will find items for men that can actually be suitable for you.  This group gift from Bubble'z Design for him is so adorable on, how can you pass it up?  The prims used for this outfit really makes this look alive.  Doesn't it look like a gust of wind just blew the jacket to one side like in real life? This is great work!  The hair is from Exile (Karen -50L) and it just fits the point that I am trying to make here and that is the creator is trying to make their creations show movement.  There is definitely no wind that affects your avatar in game so the creators use other ways to show this affect.  I also am showing here the gift for females and also this blue dress you can get as a group member.  My favorite thing about this blue dress is the way the skirt prim flows.  Again, it looks so alive!!!

I am just showing here my faves, but just keep looking around the store and you will find other treasures including a pearl necklace in 3 colors, a scarf, piercings and other outfits for group members all free for the taking!

Enjoy and take care ya'll!

Free Gift for Male - 0L

Free Gift for Females - 0L

Baby Winter Blue Dress Grp Gift - 0L
Shoes = Ear Candy - Yummy Brown Leather Crossed Strap Sandals @ The Wash - 10L

The skin I got for free from ::*JeSyLilo*:: at the Skin Fair 2011.  It is so perfect with this Japanese style clothing.  I think the skin was meant to be worn with a kids shape, but it also goes well with a more mature avatar.

Friday, February 25, 2011

OOTD - Fantasy in SL

The one great thing about SL is that you can morph yourself and be anything you want to be.  The sky is the limit!  You can play out your fantasy!  There is a huge role playing community in SL.  I am sure that there are others out there that share yours. :)

So have you been hunting for that Snow White Dress?  Or you want to be Tinkerbell or Sugarplum fairy?  Perhaps a Sorcerer or a Vampire? Well, I found a place called *Deviance* that has all of that and found this absolutely exquisite outfit called "Enchantress".  Comes in a variety of colors, but of course, I would pick the black one as that is my favorite color, as you all know.  The quality is absolutely excellent and the prims used really make it look so real especially the collar.  Check out the staff!! :D  I also love the little detail, the skulls and beads on the skirt and there are different ways to wear them, with skulls, with beads, without and etc... 2 different capes. The best part is, it comes with the Enchantress shape! It is definitely worth the price! This place is certainly worth looking at. :)

Outfit plus Shape = *Deviance* Enchantress in Black - 400L
Hair =  YunA's Hair [YH] 13 - Blackpack 100L
Skin = Glam Affair - Jadis from the dressing room 70L 
Shoes = LeeZu  Klara in Black 100L (The Purple or Lila - Klara Shoes is a FREE Gift and is on the SALE section of the store)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Look Of The Day - Zenith Feb Grp Gift!

It is still February, the Month of ~*LoVe*~  and i still wear a lot of red while I roam around in SL.  This one was definitely hard to pass up.  Gorgeous red dress from Zenith!  I paired it with a couple of grp freebies. This sexy hish heel shoes by N-Core's and the black pearl necklace with a cute bow on the right side and an upside down heart at the end by *Just Me*.   While I was there, I also won this Circus Dress. It's fun and flirty!  Just my style!

Enjoy my lovelies!

Dress = Zenith Valentine Grp Gift 0L
Shoes = N-Core SENSE Extreneheels Grp Gift 0L
Necklace = *Just Me* Funny Bow Grey Free

Skin =  Style By Kira - Elora Skin - I got @ The Wash for 10L
Shape & Lashes=  .:Twily:. Designer Shape Spirit 330L
Hair = YunA's Hair [YH] 21 Platnum Pack (4 colors) 100L

Dress = Zenith - Circus Dress LUCKY CHAIR 0L

Skin = Cupcakes - Allure - Glow - Lightbrown Past Hunt 0L
Shape = .:Twily:. Designer Shape - Purity 330L
Hair = [e] Horizon in Black -Essencial Collection (8 colors) 220L

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Designing Nicky Rae - February Special

Have you stopped in to check out Designing Nicky Rae lately?  If you haven't it's worth a trip and pick up their February Special, "Lacy Floral Dress".  The yellow one is in the front entrance which is my favorite and is only 50L, but the rest of the colors are scattered all around the store.  Here are the colors I chose and I pared it with the new N-Core Grp freebie shoes and my fave hair at the moment by TRUTH. Make sure to go to their freebie section and pic up the "Satin Shine Dress" in Pink and in Lime for FREE and it is gorgeous!

Teleport to Designing Nicky Rae here!!!!

Hair w/ flower: TRUTH - Berry
Hair worn w/ pink and lime Satine Shine Dress:  YunA's Hair [YH] Jan GRP GIFT
Skin & Shape = UNIQUE Tiffany
Shoes: N-Core GRPGIFT

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

At The Wash!

The Wash cart sale started today and everything is 10L!  What a great deal!  Here are some of the items that really wet my whistle.


Outfit = Erotique Designs - Vanity 10L
Glasses = Urban Warehouse - Horn glasses 10L
Belly Chain = Ear Candy - Leaf frenzy belly chain 10L 
Bracelet = Jeannie's Jewels - Burnished Copper Bangle FREE

Skin = SHAPES BY KIRA - Envy in Black

Skin= SHAPES BY KIRA - Envy 4 skins in pack (Black, Blonde, Brown, Red)  10L
Top= Eclectic Firefly - Glitz Top in Mint 10L

Skin = Schwartz Betty - Black Heart 4 skins in pack  (freckles, natural, cleavage and tattoo)10L

Skin = Schwartz Betty - Heart Rose Gloss 4 skins in pack (cleavage, no cleavage, freckles no cleavage, freckles w/ cleavage)  10L

Dress = OuTRaged - Date Night 10L
Skin = Style By Kira - Elora Skin 10L

Dress = OuTRaged - Thalia Black 10L

Top = Beatnik BZ - Summer Top in Blue 10L
Skirt = OuTRaged - Denim Super Mini 10L

Teleport here to go to The Wash.  Also check out their blogspot at

Hair= TRUTH - Berry
Shape = .:Twily:. Designer Shape - Purity

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

-=C&D=- Fashions is BACK!

-=C & D=- Fashions has re-opened their store and is featuring 4 gorgeous Valentine Skins!  Yep, that's me on the cover modeling for Sintara! *blush*  It comes in Red, Black, Purple and Pink!

Skin =  -=C&D=- Fashions Valentine Tears 10L Each

Shape = .:Twily:. Designer Shape - Purity
Hair = TRUTH - Laine in Crow
Top = *Just Me* Anais
Bottom = [Sassy Kitty Designs] Part of "Oh So Pretty Dress"
Shoes = Stiletto Moody - Gladiator Boots

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dressed For Hunting

Wow, there are a lot of wonderful dresses to be had if you are following some of the Valentine Hunts that are going around right now.  There are plenty of them and I have been hunting like a mad woman for 2 days and I am taking a break to post some of the wonderful dresses that are my faves! :)


Dress w/ Bracelet= Divalicious - Just4Fun Hunt #5
Post It = [::Doomsday::] Love I Post - The Valentine Diva Hunt #42
Necklace = Jewelry Bijou - The Valentine Diva Hunt #17

Dress = .:Shush:. Think Pink Hunt #34
Necklace = Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry - The Valentine Diva Hunt #31 

Dress = American Bazaar - Dark Katz Hunt #121
Necklace = Sweet Leonard Dark Katz Hunt #65

Dress = Razorblade Jacket MDV Hunt #1

Dress = Nemesis The Valentines Diva Hunt #39


From left to right:
Dress #1 = Sassy - OTBH #2
Dress #2 = Carrasco - OTBH #3
Dress #3 = .:Shush:. - The Valentines Diva Hunt #02
Dress #4 = ::JAZUMI::  - The Valentines Diva Hunt #58


Skin = Oceane's - Touch of Sensuality Hunt item #47 10L
Shape = ESSENSES - Touch of Sensuality Hunt #34 10L

Friday, February 4, 2011

Inspired By Silence

One of my favorite thing to do when shopping is seeing what other people are wearing. That is how trend starts and floats around SL!  I love seeing and admire other peoples fashion sense.  I ran into Silence76 Constantine and just adored the look she has on!  She was so pleasant to talk to and so sweet!  Thanks Silence!  You truly inspired me! :)


Outfit = BUBBLE Lolita Clown Outfit 190L
Parisol = BUBBLE Circus Umbrella 150L

In To Black

No doubt my favorite color, or shall we say "non-color" is ~*bLaCk*~.  As a designer, I find that it's very challenging to create the right hue and depth of shade to give it that right texture and make the outfit really stand out.  While I was hunting today, I found a store that has just the right talent I look for that is excellent in shading and use of prims to bring out the outfit to life.  Not only did I buy a few things, but scored some wonderful freebies!  These creations are from *Just Me*  If you stop by, don't forget to grp! :)

Luv and kisses,

Top = *Just Me* Shylo Corset 180L
Skirt = *Just Me* Meggie Skirt 190L
Necklace = ***Just You*** Necklace Obsession 130L

Hair = YunA's Hair [YH] 21 in Blonde01
Sock = :::LiNe::: Single Sock Black
Skin & Shape = UNIQUE Tiffany
Boots = Stiletto Moody - Gladiator Boots

Top = *Just Me* Hailey Top Black Stripe FREE Gift
Necklace = *Just Me* Funny Bow FREE Gift

Hair = YunA's Hair [YH] 20 in Brown 04
Skin & Shape = UNIQUE Tiffany

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine Gift - RGZ Design

There's that magic in the air again.  Today is Feb 1st and SL is already starting to celebrate the month of LOVE.  My fave month actually!  Can you tell? *giggles*  I am working on a few hunts today and this precious gift came out today from RGZ Design.  Just lovely!  I paired it with this new hair I snagged last night shopping around.

Enjoy! xoxoxo!

Dress = RGZ Design Slinky Leopard - Valentine's Gift 0L
Hair = YunA's Hair [YH] 21 Blondepack 100L