Sunday, January 9, 2011

*The HUNT*

Who doesn't LOVE a hunt?!  It's a great way to try out a designers creation and new styles!  The best part of course is it's FREE!!!! :D 

So here's the story.... I checked out fabfree site today to check out the new freebies as I always do before I log on to SL.  I saw a link for free Skins and it teleported me to the store.  Another link for a free jacket which I got instantly as a LUCKY CHAIR item!  There was a black Tunic I kept on seeing everyone wear today.  I checked fabfree again and I finally saw a Flikr pic of it from spiderweb secondlife.  I was delighted to find out it was a hunt item, which means I don't have to spend a single linden for it! So I stopped by the SOMAPOP HUNT.  I picked up a lot of great items 20 out of, i believe, 27 items.  Here are my faves!

 Tunic = Very Lil Somapop Hunt #25
Jeans = Very Lil Somapop Hunt # 20
Skin = Very Lil Somapop Hunt #27
Hair = >Truth< - Jess - FREE GIFT

 Outfit = [DIAPOP] All By Myself in - Vintage Brown 1L
Boots = Courtisane  Marie Lu - Brown 0L
Skin = Very Lil Somapop Hunt #27
Shape = :Twilyhula:  Designer Shape "Purity" 300L

Hair = >Truth<  Lanie - Espresso 250L
Dress = Very Lil Somapop Hunt #4
Skin = Essence - Morena 08 10L (1 hr Special last night)

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