Sunday, January 9, 2011

Love Me!

This is my first blog ever and I really wanted to start one about a subject I have real passion for, and that is FASHION in SL!  I have been playing Second life for a couple of years now and the one thing I Love SL for is shopping!  Yeah, you may ask why you would want to spend money in game for your avatar,  trust me, when you have played SL, you will get it!  The game is vast and if you can think of an activity to do in game, chances are, you can do it in SL.  My favorite thing to do is tuning in to the latest release from my favorite designers.  Some of the most beautiful clothes I have, I either got for free, gifts from the designer, or spending just a few Lindens. I myself have tried creating beautiful clothes, and though I love creating clothes in SL, I LOVE putting on others creation.  I must say that we have a lot of talented designers in SL!!!  Sooo I will be posting pictures, outfits of items I am finding a long the way.  Start this journey with me and see where it will lead us! 


Hair = ETD Chel Blonde
Leggings = Sweetest Goodbye Grp Gift
Shoes = -TESLA- "Athena"
Top =  *LeeZu* Lourdes
Skin = Cupcake Genius III Copper - Bare

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