Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Wash

Found some cute things at The Wash.  If you haven't been, it's a great place to shop for items 10L.  Can't beat that!  Found lot's of adorable dresses, boots and skins.  I also stopped by at Truth a few days ago for their new hair.  I'm so in luv with it!  One of my favorite item this month, well, so far this year! :D


Look 1 & 2
Dress1 = Casual Bird Dress by Sn@tch @ The Wash - 10L
Skin = Elora Skin 02K by Style by Kira @ The Wash - 10L
Boots =  Fansara Boots Latte by Baby Monkey @ The Wash - 10L
Eyes =  Ember Glow Brown by [kirei] @ The Wash - 10L
Necklace = Petals and Ribbon Necklace in Brown by :: ZEPHYR :: - New
Bracelet & Ring =  Flower Pearl Bracelet and Ring Set in Cream by :: ZEPHYR :: - New
Bag =  Ribbon Bag Brown/Black Sequence by :: ZEPHYR :: - New
Hair =  Maggie - w/ Roots Streaked - swedish by TRUTH - New
Dress2 = Jaded Fae Top by Sn@tch @ The Wash - 10L

Look 3 & 4
Dress1 = Candy Cane Dress by Snowpaws @ The Wash - 10L
Skin =  Akako - Red by [kirei] @ The Wash - 10L
Dress2 = Sequin Dress Gild by Amanda's fashion @ The Wash - 10L
Hat =  Spring Floral Hat by Snowpaws @ The Wash - 10L
Eyes =  Ember Glow Brown by [kirei] @ The Wash - 10L
Necklace = Petals and Ribbon Necklace in Brown by :: ZEPHYR :: - New
Bracelet & Ring =  Flower Pearl Bracelet and Ring Set in Cream by :: ZEPHYR :: - New
Hair =  Duchess Braid in Licorice by vive9 @ Collabor88
Shape & Lashes = Designer Shape Purity by .:Twily:.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

OOTD - The Dressing Room

I love going to The Dressing Room!  All of my favorite designers in one place showing some of their fabulous work at discounted price.  It's a one stop shopping place that everyone should check out!  Have a look at this breezy valentine dress and panties set by Mimikri.  So adorable! Luv the color, texture, to the last prim buttons! It matches well with this skin from -glam affair-.  For a color contrast, I used mint and cream color for accessories.  I know Valentine's day have gone and past, but it is still Ferbruary!  The month of love!  Go wild and wear all your red and pink items you got this month!

 Skin = Linn Valentine skin 01 by -glam affair- @ TDR - 70L
Shoes = Hucci Choose Love Pump - Electric Sugar by HUCCI @ TDR - 70L
Bag = Gia Clutch Mesh in mint by Ricielli @ TDR (part of set) - 70L
Dress = Breezy valentine by Mimikri @ TDR BLUE - 70L
Necklace = lppolita necklace aqua by LaGyoTDR - 70L
Hair = Josie Stefani by EXILE Passed  TDR  
Bracelet and Ring = Flower Pearl Bracelet and Ring Set in Cream by :: ZEPHYR :: - 80L NEW
Eyes = Sunrise  Royal Silver M by FASHISM aka Ikon
Shape = Tiffany Female Shape by UNIQUE MEGASTORE

Friday, February 17, 2012

OOTD - All work, no play

Since starting my new line, I have been very busy with the business side of things.  Today really shows how busy I have been, as I am still wearing the dress I wore to my photo shoot 2 days ago.  But the wonderful thing is, I adore this outfit!  It's simple, it's sexy...  you don't have to always put on a bunch of frills to make a big statement. I may wear it a day more. *winks*

I hope you are all doing well and thank you for all the support!


Dress = Vilma in White by :::LiNe:::
Bag = Ribbon Bag Brown/Black Sequins by  :: ZEPHYR ::
Boots = Ribbon Boots leather Brown/Black Sequins by  :: ZEPHYR ::
Hair =  Artemis in mink by EXILE
Skin = Genius III, Copper, Bare by *Cupcakes*
Shape & Lashes = Designer Shape Purity by .:Twily:.
Eyes = Sunrise  Royal Silver M by FASHISM aka Ikon

Monday, February 13, 2012

For Valentine's Day

Ahhh, tomorrow is Valentine's day.  If you are like me,  been a procrastinator about trying to find the right outfit to wear for the big day, you're probably pulling your hair out!  It's not easy. :( So many wonderful sales and freebies to be had.  My fave is this subscriber gift dress from coldLogi.  The dress comes ins multiple sizes and it comes with a note inside explaining how standard sizing works.  Great idea to have that especially for peeps not yet used to Mesh items.  The easiest way of course is just to try on the size and see which one looks best on your avatar.  However, if you would like exact measurements and directory of shops that use standard sizing, go to

My look is very simple.  I just wanted to get accessories to make this already gorgeous dress really pop.  The Ribbon Bag from  :: ZEPHYR ::, Also a FREE gift item for everyone and the -=C & D=- Fashions Valentine Skin that you can get for 10L. For jewelry, this Pale Michal Necklace from LaGyo.

Enjoy and Happy day of LOVE! mwah!

Dress = Valentine Subscriber gift by coldLogic - FREE
Bag = Valentine gift by  :: ZEPHYR :: - FREE
Skin = Valentine Tears in Red by -=C & D=- Fashions - 10L
Necklace =  PALES Michal by LaGyo - 150L

Hair = Rumor Black by [e]
Shape & Lashes = Designer Shape Purity by .:Twily:.
Eyes = Sunrise  Royal Silver M by FASHISM
Shoes = Vidalia Pump - Metallic Noir by Armidi Gisaci

Sunday, February 12, 2012


In Gossip Girl world, there is no B without S.  That's right Serene van der Woodsen, Blairs bff and sometimes greatest frienemy.  Very normal in a teen drama television show.  But we're not here to talk about the complexity of their relationship, or her on again off again relationship with hottie Nate Archibald.  We are here to talk about her style!  After all, this is a fashion blog! /winks

In the world of Second life, sometimes you have to search high and low to find just the right items to make the right outfit.  And sometimes you can do that with just a few lindens in hand, or you have to grab that latest fashion trend item.  Here I have mixed up just that.  For 25L, you can grab this adorable heart necklace I got from the Second life Market Place Betty's Bargain and the new Mesh Clutch in Black at :: ZEPHYR ::'s.  If you haven't gone to Collabor88 lately, you are missing out on these wonderful finds, so you must go quickly!

This is my take on Serena's style.  Sophisticated inside that blonde bombshell.  Her air of sexiness is sometimes subtle, but that's what draws us to her.  I hope you all love this one!


Hair = Duchess Braid in goldeblonde by vive9 @ Collabor88 - 88L
Dress =  Nausicaa Dress in Walnut by The Sea Hole @ Collabor88 - 88L
Earring, Bracelet & Ring =  Nausicaa Walnut set by The Sea Hole @ Collabor88 - 88L
Bag = Mesh Clutch Bag in Black by :: ZEPHYR :: - 180L NEW
Necklace =  Diamond Heart Necklace by  Betty's Bargain - 25L

Skin =  C88 Glossed Skin - Tan - Light Browns by -tres blah- - passedCollabor88 item
Shoes = Vidalia Pump - Metallic Noir by Armidi Gisaci

Shape & Lashes = Designer Shape Purity by .:Twily:.
Eyes = Sunrise  Royal Silver M by FASHISM
Makeup = Parted Lips by Tuli FREE

Saturday, February 11, 2012

:: ZEPHYR :: Valentine's Bag FREE GIFT!

Free Bag for Valentine's Day.  I had fun creating this and I hope you all love it as much as I do!  Here's is the taxi to :: ZEPHYR :: Inc.

For :: ZEPHYR :: Inc  Blog, go to
Flikr Group

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gossip Girl - Blair

The Queen Bee herself, Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl is the topic of the day.  I dearly love her style, don't you?  I especially like that she can appear so sweet and innocent like Cher in the movie Clueless and be so vicious like Kathryn in Cruel Intentions.  But in all the drama and complex relationships in the show, there is fashion and that is one of the reasons, like so many others, watch the show.  

I put this outfit together for you that I believe represents Blair so well.  I was very careful with finding the right skin, hair and even her signature piece of accessory, a headband.  You have to have a headband! lol Well, I hope you all enjoy this look I put together.  Let me know what you think! *winks*


Hair = Dylan in Chestnut by Maitreya (Part of Pack) - 295L
Bag = Ribbon Bag in Black/ Red Sequins by :: ZEPHYR :: - 150L
Skirt = Party Mesh Skirt by KIM - 160L
Top = Plath Blouse by Kyoot @ COLLABOR88 - 88L
Pose =  Formality 1 by GLITTERATI @ COLLABOR88 - 88L
Shoes = Gatsby Heels by Ingenue @ COLLABOR88 - 88L
Headband =  Lace flower Head Band ni All Black by [M2M]@ The MarketPlace  - 1L
Socks = Knee High Socks in Snow White by aridoki @ The MarketPlace - 1L

Skin =  Happy Valentine Group Gift by JeSyLilo - FREE

Eyes = Sunrise Eyes - Royal Silver by FASHISM
Makeup = Parted Lips by Tuli FREE
Shape = Designer Shape Purity by .:Twily:.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Arts

If you are an explorer like me, then you probably have already been to Bryn Oh's studio.  If not, well, here's the taxi.  It's always good to submerge yourself to art and even if you don't fully understand it, you are actually gaining knowledge and widening your opinions to what you think is tasteful and distasteful.  Before you know it, you're in it. And that's what I love about Art.  

I sure loved putting this look together.  Though in a way a bit provocative, in a place like an art studio, it is very welcoming.  Ah, in the arts, I found shelter and comfort.  It started with this bodysuit from Nemesis which you can get from TFG as well as this fun La Cheville Cale Boots by [el].  I immediately went to Coco to grab this Black and Grey Tuxedo I have been eying on for a while now.  Just been waiting for something spectacular to wear it with.  This look is unconventional and I love putting together something fresh for you all.  Enjoy! :)


Bodysuit = Fighter Bodysuit by Nemesis @ TFG - 70L
Boots = Le Cheville Cale Boots by [ef] @ TFG - 70L
Jacket = Tuxedo Jacket by COCO - 150L
Bag = Ribbon Bag in Black w/ Red Sequins by :: ZEPHYR :: - 150L  
Skin = Mely  you cant resist me sunkissed by al vulo! @ TFG - 70L
Ring on Left = My bad girl ring Copper L by :FANATIK: @ TFG - 70L
Hair =Dear Heart in Chocolate Cake by Clawtooth @ C88 - 88L
Ring on Right = Nofia ring by NHA! New Group gift - Free
 Leggings = Zebra Black by *Sheer* - Free
Shape & Lashes = Designer Shape Purity by .:Twily:.
Eyes = Sunrise  Royal Silver M by FASHISM

Pic Location here

Monday, February 6, 2012

A New Beginning

Yes, I know... I have not posted in a while, but I hope you all will be excited with my big news.  Ok, so I have been wanting for a while now to open up my own little shop in world creating women's accessories.  So I will be creating  things here and there and for now will be selling in the market place until I get my shop all set up.   The line is called ZEPHYR and for now can only be purchased at The Marketplace.  So, please tune in for more!

So nough about me, I want to talk about this photo I took of this place I just found.  Very sci-fi, very new world, and a nice contrast with this outfit I just got at PurpleMoon.  Can't go wrong with that store.  The sweater and leggings is part of their 55L Thursday.  The Ribbon Bag is my new creation.  I think it goes very well with the outfit and very versatile with the gold sequins.  It really ties this whole outfit together.  Right now it is on special for 49L.  Can't beat that!

Sweater and leggings = 55L Special by  PurpleMoon  
Bag = Ribbon Bag in Brown/Gold Sequins by ZEPHYR New 49L
Belly Ring = Love by ZEPHYR - 45L
Belt = Snake Belt by PEPPER @ TFG
Hair = Josie Marone by Exile @ TDR
Boots = Big Sur Boots Deer by *YS&YS* @ TDR
Ring = My Bad Girl Ring Copper L by :FANATIK: @ TFG
Eyes = Sunrise  Royal Silver M by FASHISM

Skin and Eyes = Tiffany 05 female skin by UNIQUE MEGASTORE
Shape = Tiffany Female Shape by UNIQUE MEGASTORE

Pic Location click here