Monday, January 16, 2012

Mesh Is here to stay!

You can't go anywhere now a days without seeing Mesh clothing.  If you have not tried it, well, there are some ups and downs, like anything new.  This particular outfit, I so love the look of it, though I had problem with size.  It was showing more than I wanted to. Ehem... You have to be careful with size.  This particular one only has 2 sizes and one is too small and the other, too big, but workable.  But that is alright as this is a freebie item!  If you do not have a viewer that supports Mesh, it's gonna look really weird on your screen, so make sure you have a viewer that supports it.

I just want to thank my new friend who really helped and cheered me up today.  DJ Bluesy, my favorite DJ! :)  Thank you for the bracelet and for the cheering up :) *hugs*  To find out where he is playing, he does have a group.  Click here for his Blues Club.

Dress = Slinky Dress by Before Sleep - Free
Skin = Kim Tan Skin by JeSyLilo part of Urban Winter Hunt #9 - Free 
Hair = Cookie Golden Platinum by LoQ @ Fashionably late
Ring, Nail Polish  & Bracelet (Right) = Corsage Set in Ice by The Sea Hole - Passed C88
Shoes = Elyse Wedges by Felicity - Group gift
Shape = Designer Shape Purity by .:Twily:.
Eyes = Sunrise  Royal Silver by FASHISM
Makeup = Parted Lips 1 by Tuli Free
Belly Ring = Angel by Fashion Paradise dAlliez
Bracelet (left) = Diamond Tennis Bracelet - a gift from my new fond friend DJ Bluesy.  A special thanks! :)

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