Sunday, January 15, 2012

In Pink!

The new collections for TDR is out with a bang, as expected, and the new RICIELLI, "Pretty In Pink Set",  is really what I came there for.  I was surprised that when I clicked to purchase it, it gave me a landmark to the main store.  It was odd...  surprised that I would have to teleport myself to another location.   Though I was not sad, since it is packed with a lot of enjoyable finds.  Yes, the place is grandiose, but you will find this pack just up the step at the front door.  I have the exact LM here so you do not have to go through what I went through which is venture off to the bottom section, where you will find, hiding all of their past  TDR, which are needless to day, very good deals!  Though you may have to bite your lower lip and have the urge to enter that room, I would not blame you,  Go ahead. *winks*

I really have to say this is my favorite set so far that I have gotten from RICIELLI.  It contains 2 jackets, 2 bodysuits, two shirts and 1 gorgeous spiked leggings for a whopping 70L!  I mean, you can't go wrong!  If you have not tried any of RICIELLI items, you will not be sorry with this set.  I promise. *winks*


Top = Serene Blouse in Rosee by RICIELLI
Pants = Georgina Spiked Leggings by RICIELLI
Shoes = Oxford II - Part of Oxford + Marilda - Golden Set by RICIELLI (bottom floor)
Necklace =  Selva in Brown by ::PM:: @ The Tropicalia Bazaar - 50L
Clutch = Nikita Pearls Handbag in Blacj by H.LUZZA Group Gift
 Earrings = Black Feather Earrings by CentoPallini
Ring = Lee Ring by N@N@
Hair =  Artemis in chestnut by EXILE
AO = Sensual Girl II AO by *GA*
Makeup = Parted Lips by Tuli Free

 Jacket = Maria Mini Jacket by RICIELLI
Bodysuit = Iris in Honeysuckle by RICIELLI

 Bodysuit = Georgia in nude by RICIELLI
 Necklace = Key Necklace by CentoPallini Group Gift

Bracelet = Key Bracelet by Centopallini Group Gift

Hair = Rumor in Brown 04 by [e]
Bag - My clutch bag by Milk Motion

Jacket = Hera Leather Jacket by RICIELLI

Skin and Eyes = Tiffany 05 female skin by UNIQUE MEGASTORE
Shape = Tiffany Female Shape by UNIQUE MEGASTORE

Location =  TMS Designs

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