Monday, February 28, 2011

Look Alive!

Sometimes you will find items for men that can actually be suitable for you.  This group gift from Bubble'z Design for him is so adorable on, how can you pass it up?  The prims used for this outfit really makes this look alive.  Doesn't it look like a gust of wind just blew the jacket to one side like in real life? This is great work!  The hair is from Exile (Karen -50L) and it just fits the point that I am trying to make here and that is the creator is trying to make their creations show movement.  There is definitely no wind that affects your avatar in game so the creators use other ways to show this affect.  I also am showing here the gift for females and also this blue dress you can get as a group member.  My favorite thing about this blue dress is the way the skirt prim flows.  Again, it looks so alive!!!

I am just showing here my faves, but just keep looking around the store and you will find other treasures including a pearl necklace in 3 colors, a scarf, piercings and other outfits for group members all free for the taking!

Enjoy and take care ya'll!

Free Gift for Male - 0L

Free Gift for Females - 0L

Baby Winter Blue Dress Grp Gift - 0L
Shoes = Ear Candy - Yummy Brown Leather Crossed Strap Sandals @ The Wash - 10L

The skin I got for free from ::*JeSyLilo*:: at the Skin Fair 2011.  It is so perfect with this Japanese style clothing.  I think the skin was meant to be worn with a kids shape, but it also goes well with a more mature avatar.

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