Thursday, March 10, 2011

~*Creative Mood*~

When I am not blogging and shopping, I get creative, especially when I get really passionate about making something that I think everyone will enjoy.  I collaborated with Sintara, designer of -=C & D=- Fashions and help create the "Camilla" dress.  It's a flirty, feminine and sweet.  When I wear this, I see myself by a clothes line with a bundle of wet clothes to hang.  Don't ask me why! lol You can wear this for any occasion and that's that we are really going for here.  I am wearing the Camilla skin which Sintara created and I love the black liner around the eyes and the Coral lips, just gorgeous!


Dress = -=C & D=- Fashions Camilla Dress 199L
Skin = -=C & D=- Fashions Camilla Skin 399L

Shape = .:Twily:. Designer Shape Purity
Necklace = Bonita Jewelry Antique Pearl Wrap Necklace
Eyes = Digital Eyes Classic Eyes in Brown (Small)
Hair = Vive9 - Freija In Edge 200L (Grp Discount)

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